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​Processing trauma and our lived experiences through visual art and writing are at the core of our collective work.


​PRIƒMATA Collective will be known as a group of artists that works to refract, reflect, and break down the light and the forms that emanate from their own experiences of the world.


  • Collaborate with a diverse public and partners at the national and international level

  • Be a key partner and cultural resource for our community

  • Inspire cultural awareness, diversity, and inclusiveness

  • Exhibit artworks manifesting a range of concepts, styles, media, and a diversity of artists

  • Raise funds for the collective's projects 


  • WE ARE MANY PRISMS. We preserve and present multiple interpretations of art

  • WE ARE CONTEMPORARY. We adapt to the multiplicity of art perspectives of our time

  • WE CARE. We make the experience of art accessible through contemporary platforms

  • WE ARE DIVERSITY. We embrace our diversity and place it at the service of art and society

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