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Beautiful Aid

In 2008, I was diagnosed with otosclerosis, a genetic disease that causes hearing loss. Otosclerosis also can produce dizziness, imbalance, and tinnitus (ringing in the ears). I had all of these symptoms. There was a moment in my life in which the tinnitus was so intense that I questioned how I was going to live with this constant and dissonant noise in my ear. Falling asleep was often difficult and quiet time was non-existent. 


In early 2009, I had a stapedectomy, my hearing improved (from 40% to 60%). The tinnitus was reduced, and instead of hearing a dissonant orchestra that oscillated randomly from high to low notes and drum-like sounds, to a constant, stable high-pitch noise. 


The loss of hearing is often something that people want to hide because of its social stigma. The smallest and most discrete hearing aids are extremely expensive and often not covered by medical insurance. In this project, I explore my acceptance and coping with my disease. The feelings of desperation that came with the unstoppable noise and the fear of hearing loss are here transformed into beauty. 

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